Craftsmanship of preserved flowers

Preserve Beauty for our Environment

Real flowers and greens that maintain their freshness for a year or more without any watering.
Made all from nature

Embrace Nature's Beauty. Bring nature into Your Life!

Crafted from 100% natural plants, each harvested at its peak, every stem undergoes meticulous care from seed to plant. We are committed to delivering natural beauty at its finest to you.
Easy to care

Real Flowers and Greens that Endure, Making Your Life Effortlessly Beautiful

We specialise in preserving real flowers and greens, ensuring they maintain their freshness for a year or more without any watering and super easy to care.


We specialise in the production and craftsmanship of preserved flowers. We want flowers and greens to maintain their fresh appearance and touch soft, unlike dry flowers. And we made this dream a reality, giving birth to our brand, Softdream® (梦之草).
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We think about the environment and sustainability

When you choose our preserved flowers, you not only receive flowers that last long time without watering or maintenance, but you also contribute to environmental sustainability.