Production Process

How we make it possible

Most of the flowers and greens that we use are harvested from our own plantation. The remaining flowers and greens are picked from our province, Yunnan, renowned as the kingdom of flora and recognised for hosting the highest quality plants in China.


Embark on a journey into the lush fields where our expert team meticulously handpicks shoots that meet our stringent standards for quality and beauty.


With the utmost care and precision, we gather the selected shoots, ensuring each one is handled delicately to preserve its pristine condition.


Employing years of experience and skill, our craftsmen carefully shape and trim the shoots using precise pruning techniques, resulting in perfectly formed specimens.


Our exclusive Water Lock Treatment is applied to each plant, sealing in its natural freshness and vitality, ensuring it retains its beauty for an extended period.


Basking in the warmth of the sun, the plants undergo a natural drying process, which not only removes excess moisture and preservatives but also enhances their color to a more vibrant and natural hue.

Insect Control

Through the use of state-of-the-art steam rooms, we meticulously eliminate any lingering insects and insect eggs, guaranteeing the purity and quality of our preserved plants.

Quality Grading

Every shoot undergoes a rigorous quality inspection, where it is graded according to our strict criteria, ensuring only the finest specimens make it to market.


Our team of skilled florists transform the preserved shoots into stunning floral arrangements.

Ready for Market

After completing each meticulous step of our process, our preserved plants are now prepared and primed for distribution to customers around the world.

Water lock treatment

Preserving flowers is a scientific method to extend the life of fresh flowers. The technique we employ is called Water Lock Treatment, a proprietary innovation developed exclusively by our company.

We select high-quality shoots (only 30% the flowers meet the stringent quality control standards ) and subject them to a specialised procedure, wherein our unique gel mixture is employed to replace their sap. This distinctive process ensures that preserved plants maintain their natural appearance and tactile qualities.

Through our water lock technique, we make sure that the flowers and greens will retain 70%-80% of the water within their cells post-treatment.

Compared to dried flowers, our preserved flowers, as a result, exhibit a softer and more flexible texture.

With proper care, our preserved flowers boast an extended shelf life and can last at least 1 year.

Are the preserved flowers safe?

Yes. They are 100% safe.

The procedure is environmentally friendly, with each step meeting established environmental standards. The materials used throughout the entire process are free from any chemicals harmful to the human body and meet food-grade standards.

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