Care Guide

A touch of gentle care makes a big difference.

It’s simple to take care of your preserved flowers.

We specialise in preserving real flowers and greens, ensuring they maintain their freshness for a year or more without any watering and super easy to care.

Caring for your flowers

Follow our tips and get the most out of your flowers.
  • Do's
    • Keep the arrangement in a room temperature environment.
    • Keep them away from humid or wet environments, such as bathrooms.
    • Avoid direct contact with anything wet.
    • Store and display at temperatures below 1.7 C (35℉C)
    • Keep humidity levels at approximately 40% – 60%If dust collects, blow it lightly using a hairdryer or remove gently with duster.
    • If there’s condensation in the glass cover, remove it and let it dry overnight in an air-conditioned room.
  • Don’ts
    • Do not water.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight or strong light.
    • Do not place anything into the flowers as they can crush and damage them.
    • Do not allow them to have direct contact with light-colored fabric or surfaces, as staining may occur.


Preserved flowers can become translucent or develop slight damp spots if they come into contact with water.

In highly humid conditions, it's possible to experience moisture reabsorption, mildew, or insect activity. These occurrences are natural reactions and not indicative of any issues with the product's quality.

Preserved flowers are best enjoyed within the optimal viewing period of 6 to 12 months. It's important to note that the color may fade after this period.