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Craftsmanship of preserved flowers

Our fields in Yunnan region

Most of the flowers and greens that we use are harvested from our own plantation. The remaining flowers and greens are picked from our province, Yunnan, renowned as the kingdom of flora and recognised for hosting the highest quality plants in China.

The growth of flowers requires high environmental demands. Yunnan is a perfect area for flower cultivation. Its diverse topography provides abundant environmental resources for Yunnan. Towering mountains, deep gorges, rushing rivers, and mysterious tropical rainforests are home to various types of tropical, subtropical, temperate, and polar plants.

Yunnan's varied altitudes create diverse plant habitats. From the highlands of Lijiang to lower regions, each area provides an ideal environment for different plant species. High altitudes host cold-loving species like alpine rhododendrons, while lower areas are home to tropical plants such as orchids and dendrobiums. Rivers like the Yangtze ensure abundant water supply, making Yunnan a haven for various flower species.

Our plantation Baicaoyuan

In 2006, we began the development of  our 33.34-hectare plantation, Baicaoyuan, located in Kunming, the capital city of the biodiversity-rich province of Yunnan, China. Managing 12 smaller plantation areas, we specialize in cultivating a variety of plants such as lavender, hydrangea, bristle grass, gypsophila, and more.

The majority of the flowers and greens we used are harvested directly from our own plantation. As part of our dedication to plant expertise, we've also established the Local Herbs and Plants Museum in Baicaoyuan, which highlights local plants, flowers in Yunnan as well as the culture and history associated with them.

In 2018, Baicaoyuan opened its doors to tourists. Our aim is to provide visitors with a deeper understanding of Yunnan's local plants, flowers, culture, and history. Simultaneously, we believe this experience will enrich our customers' understanding of Softdream® products.

Welcome to book a tour in our plantation Baicaoyuan.

About Softdream®

Our company, Yunnan Lvyin Gardening Co. Ltd., was founded in 2003. We specialise in the production and craftsmanship of preserved flowers. We want flowers and greens to maintain their fresh appearance and touch soft, unlike dry flowers. And we made this dream a reality, giving birth to our brand, Softdream®(梦之草).

Since 2003, we've been dedicated to researching plants extensively. Our commitment to quality is evident through our thorough study of plants, allowing us to develop innovative technology for preserving them.

Our products are now highly appreciated by consumers both domestically and internationally. They are exported to various countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia.

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